5 killer tips to instantly improve your web copy

Starting from scratch or needing to freshen up your current website? Here are five killer tips to instantly improve your copy.

1. Write in first person.

Writing in first person is the quickest way to add personality and warmth into your copy. Personable copy allows the reader to feel a deeper connection which leads to likeability, trust and hopefully sales. Embrace the us, we, you, I, you’re and you will be on the right track.

For example: I provide killer copy to attract loyal customers and uplift your brand, sounds way better than The Contact Addict provides clients with killer copy to attract loyal customers and uplift clients brands.

2. Customer pain points

Successful businesses provide services and products that solve something for their customers and clients. What people need solving can be termed as ‘pain points’ and smart copy can be used to address them. You can do this by writing copy that speaks directly to the benefits of doing business with you.

For example, if you’re a beautician, instead of saying We provide lovely facials try Our facials are the answer for out-of-control skin and the perfect way to distress.

The second option provides a clear solution to the customer’s pain points, meaning a higher chance of a transaction!

3. Find your Brand Voice

Your Brand’s Voice is basically how your brand would sound if it was a person. Imagine your business as a human — what are they like? Are they friendly? Formal? Casual? Cheeky? Serious? Decide and write accordingly.

By creating copy using your Brand’s Voice you’re building your brand and allowing people to build a connection and relationship with your business.

· Want to be funny? Throw in those jokes!

· Want to be informative? State some facts and figures.

· Relatable? Share a personal anecdote.

Be consistent across all your copy, and your brand voice will be found.

4. Calls to Action

What exactly do you want your audience to do? Do you want them to message you for more info? Come and visit your store? Go and check out your website? They aren’t mind readers - you need to SPELL IT OUT. You do this by incorporating a Call to Action in your copy. This makes it easy for customers and clients by telling them how to make that next connection with your business.

For example: click on the link to find out more or sign up to our loyalty program for ongoing discounts.

Be careful not to make all your copy all about Calls to Action. They play a super important role but used incorrectly you can come across too ‘salesy’ and annoying! Instead weave the Calls to Action in your messaging. Clever use of buttons on websites are also a great way to create Calls to Action without sounding too full on.

5. Three clicks rule

The three clicks rule is a web design concept that a user should be able to find the information they need within three clicks. Whilst the three clicks rule receives valid criticism from some usability specialists, it reminds us how critical it is we get our web copy and navigation right. Ask yourself these questions:

· Does your home page clearly convey what your biz is all about?

· Are the pages logically labelled and easy to locate?

· Is all your copy clear and written in your brand’s tone of voice?

· Is it easy for your user to do business with you? Either by purchasing directly from your site or knowing how to engage your services?

Sometimes we are too close to our own work. Get a few people to test out your website or use one of the lots of free, online tools and services that test users’ experiences and recall. You can also purchase one of my Website Health Checks (shameless plug) and I’ll be able to answer all this for you.

Emma Madsen